Ginza Ramen

Mmmm I think I have a love affair with ramen. So much that I went to the same place twice in less than a couple of days.

I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago and Ginza Ramen came highly recommended. The gyoza were tasty. How was the ramen? The first bowl was vegetable miso. The vegetables were cooked to a turn and the broth was very miso-y. Their noodles come from a supplier, but that’s ok; as most places don’t make in house. The second bowl was the shoyu. It does come with half an egg, but someone absconded with it before I took the picture. It was quite tasty too. One note: both bowls are pictured with an extra serving of noodle which was recommended. This is more the size I am used to getting in Calgary; their regular size would have left me hungry.

Calgary’s ramen scene is well ahead of Ottawa’s but this place made a good first impression.



Vegetable Miso Ramen

Vegetable Miso Ramen

Shoyu Ramen sans egg

Shoyu Ramen sans egg

Ginza Ramen on Urbanspoon

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