Hawker Bar

Restaurants this trendy don’t have their name permanently displayed on their premises. “Prove that you love me and buy the next round”.

Seeing that I follow food trends on  regular basis, I decided on Hawker Bar. It has been open 6 months, long enough for the buzz to die down but not long enough for it to be not trendy. I was in the mood for Malaysian food, but heard the pickings were slim downtown.

Love the menu on the back of a card board box.

Laksa Lemak. Coconut based curry gravy.

The chicken laksa lemak was delightful. The gravy had a complex flavor of coconut, curry and spices that warmed the tastebuds. The chili was moderate but not overwhelming as it hit the roof of my mouth. The delay in the chili arriving was welcome.

We also had the son in law eggs which were tasty. I have never seen these on a restaurant menu, except for the one occasion where a friend asked for a special order from the kitchen The chili jam went well with the crispy eggs.
Upscale street food. Interesting idea.

Hawker Bar on Urbanspoon

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