The Locavore's Dilemma

It’s the weekend and I find myself  sorting through grocery lists and vegetables in the fridge. My shopping is more complicated in the summer. SPUD delivery on Monday, CSA veggies on Thursday and Safeway on the weekend. Things bought on Monday must be used by the weekend and things on Thursday seem to have an even shorter shelf life.

This week’s dilemma is the lettuce, chard and more garlic scapes. I’m still eating the stir fried arugula (which I thought was spinach) from last week. Don’t stir fry arugula; it makes it even more bitter. I think I will use the potatoes, garlic scapes and cilantro in home fries. Thinking about using the chard with the frozen figs I bought a couple weeks back to make pizza. I will be very tired of eating lettuce as it is my lunches as well.

The following article just about sums it up.

Vegetable cartoon image-5