Curry Wor Tip

I got bored of the usual version. So I decided to add some curry. The Glico curry sauce is a quick way to add some flavor. I used my recipe below, in lieu of the regular seasonings. I dissolved two blocks of the curry in boiling water and topped it off with random dashes of soya sauce and fish sauce.  Even omitted the egg and corn starch and it was the perfect texture.

Next time, I think I will try it with a Thai spice blend or maybe an Indian version with lentils.

Glico medium curry sauce
Glico medium curry sauce

Ho Won

Classic Chinese food. In more ways than one. Place is outdated and kind of a dive. Food is delish and service can leave a lot to be desired.  If you speak their language, you get good service. Enough said. The seven of us ordered dishes to share. A couple of plates of salt and pepper squid, half a crispy duck, mixed vegetables with noodles, chicken, ginger and pineapple stir fry, pea shoots with garlic sauce and steamed rice. All the food was good, except I did not try the duck. I don’t eat duck.  I still think their jiew yim sin yau is the best in town. Service was slow, but I suppose that gave us more time to chat and enjoy the food. They were accommodating in heating up one of the babies’ food.

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