Pita and Falafel

I’m in the mood for something healthy and vegetarian. After a visit to Calgary Shawarma, I wondered if I could make a decent falafel wrap at home.

Kudos to the authors for the pita and falafel recipes.

I was generous with the parsley so I ended up with green falafel! Dried and reconstituted chickpeas give a nice texture.

20140208_143100 (640x549)

I tried the flatten and roll as opposed to my pizza technique which did not require a rolling pin. Rolling pin wins, as the texture is more even.

20140208_163729 (640x462)

I liked the way some of my creations puffed up. Some of them didn’t. And some of them were a little charred.

20140208_163107 (640x470)

20140208_163746 (640x480)

Fried is definitely tastier, but baked is healthier! Fried in a cast iron pan.

Fried, and baked falafel
Fried, and baked falafel

My pitas were so small that the falafel didn’t fit inside. Topped with: lettuce, tomato, red onion, black olives, cucumber, Greek yogurt and tahini. Tasted good, though.

Falafel sandwiches, left is fried, right is baked
Falafel sandwiches, left is fried, right is baked