Cooking Storm

We had quite the snowstorm today. Stayed in until it was over. Cooked up a storm as well. This weekend, I made: sayur lemak, bok choy and pineapple salad, spicy Korean pork and meyer lemon curd tart.

Sayur lemak is a Malaysian dish. Specifically, it is vegetables cooked in coconut gravy. I fell in love with this dish when there was a Tropica in Calgary. I found that this version is a bit watery, not like gravy should be. Next time, I will add some cornstarch.

Sayur lemak

Sayur Lemak
Sayur Lemak with steamed tiger shrimp and tilapia on rice vermicelli

Looking around the web for some inspiration, I found a bok choy and pineapple salad.  It is similar to gado gado, but the veggies are not cooked.  I quite liked this dish.  I added some fresh mango and it was tasty.

Bok choy and pineapple salad

I felt like making a Korean dish to go with this, but didn’t feel like spending a lot of time.  This spicy version of pork bulgogi was perfect. I served it on top of roasted spaghetti squash. I’m trying a mostly veg and meat dinners this week (and last). Starchy carbs make me hungry and fat.

Spicy Korean pork

Bok choy and pineapple salad, and spicy Korean pork
Bok choy and pineapple salad, and spicy Korean pork

The Meyer lemon curd was delish, but unfortunately did not set. So it was not picture worthy. Will try cooking it on a pot directly on the stove rather than the double boiler method, next time.

Meyer lemon curd

Update: After a day or so, I had another slice. Voila! It was set.

Meyer lemon tart with whipped cream
Meyer lemon tart with whipped cream