Khao San Road

My search for Thai brought me to Khao San Road. Except in Toronto, not Bangkok. This place is popular and like most trendy places, does not accept reservations. Thai food with an urban flair. The green curry was bursting with fresh flavors of lemongrass and spice. The Pad Thai smacked of tamarind. The spring rolls were fresh and tasty. Really good food.

Had I known about their specials, I would have tried them as well.  The squash fritters reminded me of the Gorgon Medusa’s hair and the Khao Soi apparently is very good too.

Fresh Spring Rolls with chicken sausage, Thail basil, lettuce, carrots and mint leaves with tamarind sauce.
Pad Thai with pork and green curry with chicken

When the restaurant is full, it can be quite loud so I wouldn’t recommend it as a first date kind of place. The service was attentive and the host came by to ask our opinion. When we left there was a lineup outside waiting to get in.

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