My sister took me to Hank’s on Church Street for brunch. She has been there many times before and had a great experience each time. I was looking forward to the meal. The servers was very friendly and attentive.

I ordered the breakfast poutine and she, the Hank’s Benny.  Our orders arrived promptly and I could tell from my sister’s face that something was not quite right. She ordered her eggs hard poached, but they were soft. The avocado was missing from her dish and so were the fruit garnishes.

My dish was missing the green onions, there was not enough gravy or hollandiase, and barely any tomato. To top it off both dishes were room temperature. I added the avocado from her dish just for fun and sprinkled the green onions on top.

The server noticed our non-verbal cues and immediately enquired. My sister is not picky but she did end up sending her plate back. I did not know any better and ate my dish. The server brought the missing garnishes and my sister’s dish arrived piping hot with hard poached eggs.

The service was very good, but I think the chef was having an off day. My sister would give them the benefit of the doubt. I would rate this as a average restaurant, but due to the attentive service I would consider giving them another chance.

Breakfast Poutine
Yukon Gold fries tossed with Cheddar cheese curds, breakfast sausage and tomatoes, topped with a poached egg & finished with hollandaise sauce

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