Ox and Angela

Went to Ox and Angela for dinner. Beautiful night, sat on the patio and watched the traffic go by on 17th Ave.  I really like the idea of tapas.  Order a couple of dishes, sip on your drink, chat, eat. Order a second round, do the same. Then a third. We finished our meal with the salads.

The food was really good. Enjoyed the bruschetta and clam dishes. Loved the scallops. Thought the asparagus was tasty, but a bit on the greasy side.  Surprised with the salad. The vinaigrette had a touch of sweetness which I appreciated. The zucchini could have had more flavor but I did enjoy all the manchego that came with it.  Their food is locally sourced, with organic and naturally raised ingredients. Tomatoes come from Broxburn Farm and the beef is Spring Creek Ranch.

The service was very good.  They tried not to be too intrusive, we were really engaged with our conversation.  The type of service where they give you fresh dinnerware and cutlery between courses.

I would recommend this place for a date. Well, outside anyway. A casual, kind of a date. Or the place to catch up with friends if you haven’t been in a while.

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