Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar

I was looking for a good seafood restaurant for our only dinner in Vancouver.  It was a choice between Rodney’s Oyster House or Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar.

The place is popular; I’m glad that I made a reservation. One side of the room had a sushi bar, and the other side, an open kitchen. It was loud; definitely not the place for a romantic date. This is a place where you might want to dress up.

On to the food. I like my seafood fresh, raw and minimally prepared. The menu is quite extensive. To start, we were presented with rolls served with a red pepper spread and blue cheese spread. The red pepper was quite good; I didn’t care for the other one. We shared the BC Tasting for Two, which was a tower of dungeness salad, crab scallop ceviche, albacore tuna tartare and smoked salmon terrine. I continued with the Seafood Plateau which consisted of: mussels, clams, prawns, oysters and scallop ceviche. It was served with cocktail sauce and a strongly flavoured mignonette. It normally comes with jellyfish salad, but I asked for a substitution because I have a food intolerance to jellyfish.

We had the warm dark Cuban chocolate cake for dessert. It had hot molten chocolate spilling out of the inside. Delicious. They provided some nice banana bread to close the meal with.

The service was attentive and friendly. I applaud our server for his memory as there was a substantial list of specials.

Pricey, but you pay for what you get. I definitely think it’s worth paying for.







Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar on Urbanspoon

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