Coyotes Southwestern Grill

This would be the second time that I’ve visited Coyotes. Their food is really good.  We got into Banff late and I was looking for lighter dinner options. I started with the sweet potato and corn chowder. It reminded me of butternut squash soup. I like the way it was served; with the sauce in a pattern. Hubby had the Southwest smoked salmon sushi roll. I ordered an appetizer for my main, the oven baked quesadilla. It was delicious. Hubby had the grilled AAA Alberta beef tenderloin. He enjoyed his dish, but thought they were a little heavy handed with the bearnaise sauce. I really like their food; it tastes fresh and healthy.

Grilled AAA Alberta Beef TenderloinTopped with a green chile bearnaise sauce

Grilled AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin
Topped with a green chile bearnaise sauce

Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder
Garnished with chile paint and sour cream


Oven baked quesadilla
With cilantro pesto, goat cheese, grilled shrimp and mango salsa

The only downside was that we’re pretty sure the diners a table away from us had body odour problems.  It became apparent, the change in the air quality when they left. Fortunately, the nice aromas from our meals masked it.

Coyotes Southwestern Grill on Urbanspoon

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