Sushi Village

As I would expect, there should be some great seafood in Whistler.  The presentation was definitely up to par. The hamachi salad was fantastic. However, I made the mistake of ordering two very similar items, the deep fried tuna karaage and the tuna kfc roll.  I think I prefer my tuna lightly seared, or raw. Both dishes were adequately seasoned, but the tuna tasted over done and dry. The pumpkin roll was very tasty and flavorful. Service was prompt and quick, but the server was young and could have been more professional.

Hamachi sashimi on a bed of greens with
jalapeños, cilantro and special dressing

marinated deep fried tuna pieces
served with ponzu sauce

PUMPKIN DELIGHT ROLL – pumpkin, takuwan, cilantro, enoki
mushroom, beets, sesame mayo and wrapped
with tempura pumpkin, drizzled with balsamic reduction

Sushi Village on Urbanspoon

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