Wanda's Pie In The Sky

I love sweets. Some more than others. I could have homemade pie three square meals a day.  I discovered this lovely little place when I was in town a couple years ago.  I did not have a chance to try their wares, but I did buy their cookbook.  I’ve made their coconut cream pie a couple of times and it is delicious.  So this time, I had to try their food.

Veggie pizza and roasted butternut squash soup

The homemade pizza and soup were very good. After arriving in town, it was the perfect comfort food after a hectic day of travel. But, I came here for the pie.

Coconut cream pie

I bought the 6″ pie. The filling was lovely, but the amount of whipped cream overwhelmed the rest. I should have gone for the full sized pie. Everything is fresh and homemade. Next up, sour cherry.

Sour Cherry Pie

The sour cherry was tart as I would have expected. Very good. If I wasn’t leaving town tomorrow, I would have bought at least a 6″.

They do get busy at times, but they are very good about asking people to lineup as most just stand around gawking at the pie case. I can say that is one of my favorite places for pie. Warrants mutiple repeat visits.

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