Tough Mudder – Flood 2013 Edition

Welcome to Tough Mudder Flood 2013 Edition!

  1. Start by parking your car where you can find space in the neighborhood.
  2. Sprint to the Community Support Centre to pick up your supplies (gloves, mask) before they run out
  3. Run to the address that you’ve been given. It’s probably about a kilometer away.
  4. Try to find the homeowner. If they are not there, continue to the next house that could be in need of help.
  5. Obstacle 1: Slip, sliding, away. Head down to the basement filled with 3 inches of water. No matter that you forgot your headlamp.
  6. Start peeling off completely soaked drywall and throw in basket. Haul up to open window. Empty, repeat.
  7. Obstacle 2: To the dump, dump, dump. You have been relieved of drywall duty. Head upstairs and out to the window. Bag wet drywall bits and insulation. Throw into wheelbarrow and cart out front. Dispose of in dumpster.
  8. Detour! Run to find the nearest porta pottie down the street.
  9. Run back to house and homeowner thanks you for you help and sends you off with a cookie.
  10. Go back to Community Support Station and get another address.
  11. Run a kilometer in the other direction to find building.
  12. Obstacle 3: Dry wall destruction. Go down to the basement of condo building with sewer backup. Hold nose. Score and hammer drywall. Remove. Repeat. Haul full bin up the stairs. Breathe fresh air.
  13. Walk back to car. Being muddy is a badge of honour. Since the City wants you to conserve water, skip the shower and do it all again tomorrow.

You’ve won the race in the minds of the people that you have helped today.