Roast Beef on the BBQ

I love good roast beef. Before scrolling further, I have a disclaimer. I like it rare. I’ve been known to eat it blue rare. So, if the sight of rare beef offends you, close your browser now.

Still reading? Great. I bought a prime rib roast at my favourite butcher shop, Master Meats. This one weighed in at almost 5 lbs. I like to do my roasts occasionally on the BBQ and today I also decided I wanted to publish the recipe. So here you go.

Serve it with your favourite brown roux. Mine was simple. Separated the fat from the pan drippings, added enough oil to the fat to make 1/4 cup. Cooked that with 1/4 cup flour to form a paste. Added in the pan drippings and 1.5 cups of veggie stock using 1/2 a bouillon cube.  Brought to a simmer. Then adjusted salt and pepper to taste.

Four lbs and eleven ounces
Seasoned for the grill
Smoking hot
I love rare beef

Rare beef

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Roast Beef on the BBQ
  1. Preheat the grill to high.
  2. Prep roast by coating liberally with salt and pepper. Place in a cast iron pan. Cover with foil. Let it sit to come to room temperature, about 15 - 20 minutes.
  3. Calculate the cooking time as follows: 15 min per kg/hour for medium rare @325F. 18-20min per kg/hour for medium @325F.
  4. Turn off middle burner. The roast needs to be cooked on indirect heat. Place roast in middle and cook @ 425F for 30 min. This is around the high setting.
  5. Turn remaining burners down to medium and monitor the temperature. Cook at the calculated cooking time from step 3 at 325F.
  6. When done, remove roast, keep covered and let sit for at least 15 min before carving.
  7. Serve with brown gravy.
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OEB Breakfast Co.

I’m sorry… to make you wait. I’ve been waiting to write this post since… oh about October when I finally got around to checking out OEB Breakfast Co. at their downtown Calgary location. I’ve always wanted to go to their original location up Edmonton Trail, but never patient enough to play the waiting game. But I’m so glad that I did. That is, wait to go downtown.

First off, they are using the NoWait app. I love this app. Secured my spot in line just before we drove out the door. As we waited patiently for our table, I felt sorry for the walkins, just looking for a decent breakfast. No lineup in sight, to be told that the wait would be an hour.

The decor was most interesting. They got cracking on the egg motif. There was an egg shaped seating arrangement that I swear was straight out of Mork and Mindy. We were seated at the end of a long table that was made for sharing. I wouldn’t go for an intimate conversation unless you wanted to be best buddies with your neighbors.

The menu was more interesting. Think gourmet + breakfast. Lobster? Check. Crab? Check? Peking Duck? Check. Rabbit? Check. It sounds a like a who’s who of the best gourmet dining in town. I settled, I really did. For the croque madam. I’ll come back for the lobster next time, I promise.

The service was fast as my dish got served before I could figure out what to order for my next visit. It was very tasty with a rich hollandaise sauce. The richness of the dish was offset by the fruit plate on the side.

Our server was friendly, but as I commented to hubby, that this was a truly indulgent breakfast and not one to take lightly. Farewell for now, and next time I will be back with some foodie friends in tow.

Croque Madame
Sunny side eggs, brioche, tartufata, San Daniele prosciutto, Manchego cheese, fresh fruit
Menu, partial

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