Dragon King Restaurant

I often tell it like it is. We stopped by here for dim sum as it looked interesting driving by. Before getting along, here is a disclaimer:

I like to review restaurants fairly. In this case, my aunt knows the male owner.  I have also been warned about the tour buses. I’m also not from Kelowna.

It is Thanksgiving, so I did not expect them to be open. They were so I made a reservation. The place was nearly empty when we arrived. My Aunt said they were expecting a tour bus in an hour. The service was good. We ordered dim sum. My Aunt warned me that it was from frozen.  Also that the owner cooks according to their preference when they are there. No additional salt, no MSG.

Everything was hot and arrived quickly.  The har gow (shrimp dumplings), sui mai (pork dumplings), law mai kai (sticky rice), char sui bao (bbq pork bun), kean yong bao (lotus seed paste bun) all tasted fresh. The broccoli with garlic sauce was freshly made. The chicken and corn soup tasted as I would expect.

We had to get our server’s attention to pay the bill, and that was after the tour arrived.

The food was good and I have no complaints about the service. It is three hours after my meal and I am not drinking glasses of water. That is good.

So if you avoid the tour bus rush, and can speak Cantonese,  it will help.

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